IOT Week Korea 2016

IoT Week Korea 2016 : October 10(Mon)~14(Fri), 2016

D-day -2241

6th LoRa Alliance All member meeting and Open House

  • Date&Venue :Thursday, October 13th, 2016 / Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam


- LoRaWAN Marketing/Technology/Security/Certification conference with the theme of “Enabling Things to Have A Global Voice”
- Open House general Session and Exhibition to introduce LoRaWAN Technology and Partners
- Networking Reception

How to Participate

- Who’s Invited : “(Registration required) Anyone who is interested in IoT, LPWA Network, and LoRa Alliance”
- How to Register : Register now at LoRa Alliance website(provide at a cost)

Program Schedule

Registration Fee
Time Content Note Participant
09:00~12:00 LoRaWAN 101 Training and hands on session learn what LoRaWAN is and use some development kits to test it Registrant
10:00~12:00 Media Session   invited media guest
13:00~18:00 Open House   Registrant
13:00~18:00 Market Place(Exhibition) Mini trade show of exciting LoRaWAN products and service from our member Open House Registrant
18:00~20:00 Networking Reception   Open House Registrant

To Apply

- How to apply : Online pre-registration


Organized by

LoRa Alliance [Sponsored by SK Telecom]


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