IOT Week Korea 2016

IoT Week Korea 2016 : October 10(Mon)~14(Fri), 2016

D-day -2241

Event Overview


To experience various IoT companies’ product/services, as IoT is a core technology for Intelligence Information Society and Industry 4.0, and for the purpose of business promotion with consumers and market opening, IoT Week Korea will be held from October 10 to
14, with a total of 12 events.

Event Contents

Many events are going to be held: the creation of new business, productivity/efficiency improvement,
resolving pending issues, and improving quality of personal lives.

Experiential IoT services for public, industrial, and private life

Information exchange between technology, product, and application examples in the IoT industry

Technology, Products, Policies, Application case studies

Discovering new business partners and investment attraction support

Networking between Industry-Academia parties

※ Exploring business opportunities for professionals in the industries as home, manufacturing, automotive, trading practician, government,
   and public institutes
※ Complete understanding of IoT industry for the general public

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