IOT Week Korea 2019

IoT : Faster with 5G, Smarter with AI !!

IoT Week Korea 2019 : October 23(Wed) ~ 25(Fri), 2019

D-day 1029

OCEAN Summit 2019

  • Date & Venue : October 23(Web), 09:00 ~ 17:30 / COEX 3F, Rm.317

Main Contents

Making Cooperation and sharing domestic & international case, utilization planning, Introducing OCEAN Open Source, which supports R & D and commercialization of industry, academia, and research through proven standards based IoT open source (platform, tools, interworking technology, etc. release

Online Pre-Registraion

~ Oct 21(Mon). 2019


To Participate

- Participants : IoT developers and person interested
- Fee : Free
- Deadline : ~ Oct 21(Mon)


Period Contents Presenter
09:00~09:30 Registration and Welcome
09:00~10:00 Opening ceremony (opening and congratulatory addresses) KETI / Ministry of Science and ICT
Session Ⅰ: OCEAN Open Source Session [Moderator: KETI Center Director Kim Jae-ho]
10:00~11:15 Presentation: : OCEAN now and future
10:15~10:45 Mobius 3.0 Open Source Introduction Professor Ahn Il-yeup / KETI
10:45~11:15 Introducing Human-Centered Intelligent IoT Open Sources Professor Choi Young-seok / Kwangwoon University
11:15~11:45 Introducing SLICE, an Open Source Framework for AIoT Professor Park Dong-hwan / ETRI
11:45~13:25 Lunch
13:25~13:55 Development of Edge Computing and Utilization of EdgeX OpenSource Choi Hyo-keun / Samsung SDS
Session Ⅱ: OCEAN Ecosystem [Moderator: Professor Jeong Karp-joo, Konkuk University]
13:55~14:10 Presentation: Open Source Ecosystem  
14:10~14:30 Case Studies of Corporate Growth using OCEAN Open Source Director Kim Byeong-joo / AERIX Co.
14:30~14:50 Case Studies of OCEAN Open Source Utilization and Expected Effects CEO Oh Sang-yong / UMAY Inc.
14:50~15:10 1st Winning Team of the Mobius Developer’s Contest Selected Team
15:10~15:30 2nd Winning Team of the Mobius Developer’s Contest Selected Team
15:30~15:50 Coffee Break
Session Ⅲ: Developing Unmanned Vehicle SW using OCEAN Open Source [Moderator: Professor Ahn Il-yeup / KETI]
15:50~16:00 Presentation: Open Source SW for UVs in Conjunction with Public Innovation Procurement -
16:00~16:30 Introducing the Development of UV Mission SW Using Open Source Professor Park Jong-hong / KETI
16:30~17:00 Introducing the Development of UV Ground Mission SW Senior Fellow Shin Young-soo / KETI
17:00~17:20 Case Studies on the Utilization of Open Source-Based UV SW CEO Eom Seong-yong / BluezenDrone
17:20~17:30 Closing

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Korea Electronics Technology Institute Jae-Ho Kim +82-31-789-7575