IOT Week Korea 2019

IoT : Faster with 5G, Smarter with AI !!

IoT Week Korea 2019 : October 23(Wed) ~ 25(Fri), 2019

D-day 1029

IoT Security Best Practies

  • Date & Venue : October 23(Web), 25(Fri)/ COEX 1F, Hall A

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IoT devices are being deployed at an alarming rate across the globe. While these connected devices bring great benefits to consumers and businesses, there is also a dark side as connectivity exposes these devices to hacking. In this session, we will review scenarios of exploited IoT devices, and discuss things that could have been done to prevent these attacks. We will also discuss common IoT vulnerabilities and walk through security best practices that can be used to strengthen the security posture of these devices. As a leader in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) related security solutions, DigiCert has worked with many of the top global IoT manufacturers to secure their connected devices. In this session, we will review customer case studies and highlight ways manufacturers and regulation is addressing IoT security.

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~ Oct 18(Fri)


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- For: Anyone interested in IoT security
- Admission: Free
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10/23 10/25 Topics Speaker
10:00-10:20 14:00-14:20 The Growing IoT Security Challenge DigiCert, Mike Nelson, VP IoT Security
10:20-10:50 14:20-14:50 IoT Security Best Practices DigiCert, Mike Nelson, VP IoT Security
10:50-11:00 14:50-15:00 Q&A/ Break
11:00-11:20 15:00-15:20 Public Key Infrastructure: The Security Solution for IoT Security DigiCert, Lindsay Hansen,
PKI/IoT Solutions Architect
11:20-11:50 15:20-15:50 Real Solutions for Authentication, Encryption, Integrity and Code Signing DigiCert, Lindsay Hansen,
PKI/IoT Solutions Architect
11:50-12:00 15:50-16:00 Prize Draw

Prize Draw

- @11:50 on Oct 23rd & @15:50 Oct 25th (End of seminar)


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