IOT Week Korea 2019


AIoT Week Korea 2020 : Sep 14(Mon) ~ 18(Fri), 2020

D-day 806

IoT Business Networking Day

  • Date & Venue : 2020.9.16(Wen) ~ 17(Thu) / Eltower(YangJae)


- 2020. 9. 16(Wen) ~ 17(Thu) ※ 2 days in the morning and afternoon


- Supports networking by establishing a business and technology partnership between businesses and demanders

To participate

- Participants : IoT-related products and services development company, Demanding companies with plans to introduce
   IoT-related solutions and services, Companies hoping to find IoT-related technology and business cooperation partners, etc.

Main Contents

- Business meetings and technology exchanges between IoT companies and demanders who wish to cooperate in business
   and technology in the IoT field.
   ‧ Introduce products and services by participating companies
   ‧ Business meetings such as mutual business cooperation skills, information exchange

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Organizer Contact TEL E-mail
Korea IoT Intelligent Association Taeo Shin +82-2-3454-1480